[ANSWER] Analyse and select the tools for software development

Analyse and select the tools for software development

In this assignment, you are acting as the lead software engineer for initiating an open-source project, and your task is to analyse and select the tools for software development.

You have been playing an augmented reality game on your smart phone, with virtual monsters appearing on the street all over the world that players can capture. Players can fight each other using he virtual monsters they captured. You think it would be a nice to build a mapping tool which allows players to upload information about the virtual monsters at real-time, and other users can use the map to identify the location to capture certain types of virtual monsters. Your idea receives supports from over 30 volunteer developers all over the world. As the lead developer, you’re responsible for determining the tools to be used for software development.

Your task in this assignment is to demonstrate how you decide the tools for software development in this project, and you are required to submit a report. Your report should review and compare 3-5 selected tools/practices for each section, and there are no specific right answers for this assignment, it is more important to correctly justify the decisions you have made. Make sure you check the lecture recordings for additional hints.

Your report should include the following sections:

-Software development workflow

-Programming environment (20%)

(Programming environment that needs to be consistent to all developers, e.g. programming language, automated build tool, etc)
-Software version control (20%)

(In addition to review/select/justify the software version control tool, you should also discuss how the tools are utilised, e.g. how branches are used.)
-Collaboration and communication tools

-Other tools for software development.

1400 words.

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