[ANSWER] Amazon Marketing evaluation

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now have been asked  to create a report
that evaluates, significantly, Amazon.com inc company. This report will be used by an executive
body to decide why invest in the company you have reviewed.Must include visual aids (explain under any table or chart)
Remember to cite your sources (MLA format)
Need in-text citations AND a works cited page1,750-2,000 Words
You must cite all
sources using
MLA format (both in text and in a “works cited” page at the end of the report)Format:IntroductionTell me about your company
Past, Present Context
What do they do?
What will you be arguing in the report?Table of ContentsInclude headings and subheadings
Include Page Numbers for each item
Criteria for EvaluationFinancial Reports, Market Share and Business strategiesRemember to use headings and subheadingsCounterargumentAn aspect of your company that might refute your
E.g. you are arguing that we should invest in your
company so the CA would address a reason we might not want to invest
Same holds true for the opposite scenario
Make sure to
consider counterarguments – otherwise, your paper may seem biased.ConclusionReiterate your recommendation/ why should we invest this company
Why did you arrive at this conclusion?Executive SummaryNot an introduction to your company
You should include:
  – Categories you chose for evaluation
  – Why you chose those categories
  – Where you conducted your research
  – Why you chose these sources
  – What is your recommendation?
It summarizes the entire paper

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