[ANSWER] 970: revise

this paper, need to relate no 824 to revise, bze no 824 this stu provide the wrong reading so we have to change it, this film is correct, plz follow the feedback to revise.
reading in here:  in pages 48, cover bridge
no 824 link:

Your next essay is to analyze AT LEAST TWO of the texts we used in class (the short stories, the lyrics to the love songs, or the movie) to examine what love and/or friendship is or means. You will need to CITE from TWO OF THE TEXTS I have provided to you and also at least TWO outside texts. Please include direct quotes and have a clear thesis or argument around which to frame your essay. You need not have experience with romantic love to be able to analyze texts about friendship and love!! You may share personal narrative, but any personal anecdotes should advance your analysis rather than be the focus of your essay. Your last essay should be a minimum of 850 words and must include direct quotes “The light from the window behind Lena outlined the curve of her cheek with a silver line, like a new moon” (Kingsolver 62) and a works cited section at the end of your essay.  
Please consider starting your draft now, so that we may conference on Wednesday! I will create a sign-up sheet for conferences!

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