[ANSWER] (500 Word Min) Discussion 1: Supply Management

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Use the attached course material to support your ideas.Please cite web links to sources.Respond to the following:What are the key issues in supply management in your organization and how do you deal with them?Reading:Course MaterialMonczka, R.M. & Petersen, K.J. (2012) “The competitive potential of supply management” SCMR (May/June), p.10-18.Atkinson, W. (2013) “What makes a winning procurement function?” SCMR (July/August), p.30-33.Spiller, P. & Barilla, D. (2014) “New role for the CPO: Orchestrating the end-to-end value chain” SCMR (July/August), p.27-33.Liker, J.K. & T.Y. Choi (2004) “Building deep supplier relationships” HBR (December), p.104-113.Noor, et al. (2013) The power of supplier collaboration & rapid supplier qualification, SCMR (Sept/Oct.), p.40-47.Kaplan, R.S., D.P. Orton & R. el Oen (2010) “Managing alliances with balanced scorecard” HBR (Jan/Feb), p.114-120.

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