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My budget is $3 for 1 page full paper.. Answer all the questions in a page… I can add $2 tips upon completion.  I got a lot of tutors who failed to meet deadlines. I have few more tasks. Interested tutors please bid. I want long term deal.As identified in the UMUC Haircuts Case Study, there are at several areas where Myra’s business could use improvement, including: Customer Scheduling, Employee Scheduling, Supply Management, Customer Information, and Marketing. Over time, each of these will likely have an IT solution. However, you know that if you could combine these into an enterprise system, you would be able to significantly improve the operations of UMUC Haircuts. Group B: You begin your analysis by answering the following questions: What opportunities are being missed when each little area (scheduling, supply management, marketing, and others) has its own “stove piped” data? (Provide some examples.) What benefits will the UMUC Haircuts business realize if you implement an enterprise-wide system? Identify how Myra as the manager will benefit from having additional information available. What types of decisions that she makes as the manager would be improved if she had all this information in one place? Would it make the most sense to start with – a CRM, an SCM or an ERP system – for UMUC Haircuts and why. Keep in mind that additional systems and functionality could come later. This only has to be about a page, well written, with 2 references…Please follow APA format when doing references.

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