(Solved): Write 4 page essay on the topic Application letter for a job.I am devote …

Write 4 page essay on the topic Application letter for a job.

I am devoted to my studies and the steps that I have to take to obtain a future at Trinity Fields. I work very well in team situations and have always developed a good rapport with students and co-workers. During the past two years I have had several placements as a supply teacher in mainstream and special needs schools (both English and Welsh medium). During the Summer 2008 Term I was teaching at Ysgol Gymraeg Ynyswen. At the present moment, I am teaching a CPA Class at Ysgol Rhyd y Grug. I enjoy teaching different age groups and also various topics across the curriculum. I have had the experience of taking responsibility for a target group of pupils from Key Stage 1 and 2 that require extra help with their literacy and numeracy skills. I feel that this is a great opportunity for the pupils to develop their confidence in writing and also their oral skills. I intend to develop this by organising whole class, group and pair activities that will result in the development of the pupils linguistic skills. As a result of several and wide ranging linguistic activities and also satisfactory written work, children of all abilities will be given the chance to improve their language skills.

It is my personal belief that no child should ever feel inadequate, inept, or forsaken. I strongly believe that every child has an important contribution to make in the classroom. They should be recognized, in a positive manner, for their contributions no matter how big or small these contributions may be. Students should feel accepted and comfortable at all times within the confines of my classroom. Differences will be praised, acknowledged and discussed within my class. I will recognize, include, and respect all students be they gifted, average, or categorically disabled, privileged, under-privileged, gay, lesbian, blue, or green. I will stress and enforce the importance of this acceptance



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