[ANSWER] Well Written Review of Attached Information

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Write a three-page (typed and
double-spaced) summary from the information attached  on Mary McLeod Bethune and Black Women’s Political Activism. Use the outline cited below for the article review  and to write your
1. Paragraph 1. Explain the author’s
thesis–the main point or points that he/she is trying to make in the book.
This is not a description or summary of the book; it is an explanation of the
author’s purpose, the central idea or ideas around which the book is
2. Next 3-4 paragraphs. Give a broad,
general summary of the book. You cannot in 3-4 paragraphs summarize the entire
book, but you can give an example of the author’s arguments that capture the
flavor of the book. 
3. Next paragraph. Discuss the sources
upon which the author bases his/her book. What research materials did he or she
4. Last paragraph. tell me whether or not
you like it or found it interesting, but tell me how successful the author was
in achieving his/her objective
Please provide a work cited sheet at the

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