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My country selection : Brazil Select a country and offer a culture analysis of the country, using culture research studies.  This report will include, at a minimum, discussions of the country’s:location,history,size,political system,economic system,language,traditions,values and ethics,lifestyles,cultural characteristics, andbusiness practicesAlso provide tips for leading in this country, plus a summary conclusion that underscores what is most important to remember about leading in this country.The purpose of this paper is to brief colleagues who will be leading a new venture for your firm in this country. Your focus should be on the “practical”—what they need to know to be successful.(1) Your description of the most important characteristic related to the change that you and your group or firm was to create;(2) Your are the leader or you have designated a leader to make lead the people to this change. I would like you to create this scenario as in “if I were trying to motivate these people these are the characteristics I would emphasize to motivate these people to this change.(3) If you need more than 7 double pages, work up to 9 or 10 pages. If this project is not clear in any way, just ask.So… you are the leader of your group or your firm; you will have to designated those aspects of your country that will have the greatest impact on their making the change you are advocating.The paper should be no more than 7 pages double spaced, plus a cover page and a references page, APA Style.  Be sure to cite in-text your readings, research, and lectures.  This is a graduate course…do graduate work as per your syllabus.

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