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Political–> Currently we are fairly stable politically which can help trade run smoothly. Energy Saving initiatives can help boost the sales of the Dyson Airblade if for example businesses receive a grant to help pay for the replacement of inefficient electrical appliances e. g traditional style hand dryers. Regulatory–> The product has to be safe to use as it involves electricity and water. Has to be easy to clean so hygienic. Also not damaging to the user e. g the airjets being too powerful.
Economic–> Coming out of a recession so businesses may be less inclined to spend money on new appliances, especially ones with a premium price tag such as the Airblade. However it may mean companies are more likely to look into energy saving alternatives to products to try and save money on electricity. Social–> Socially people are more likely to want to protect the environment and may be more likely to look into energy saving options such as the Dyson Airblade. Socially companies may be pressurised into investing into environmentally friendly options. Technology–> The dyson Airblade uses cutting edge state of the art technology.
Competitors–> Quite a lot of alternative products which offer very similar benefits but at a lower price such as the Xcelarator and the Airforce. Opportunities–> Dyson could release a cheaper product but carries the same dyson brand name, this could draw sales away from cheaper hand dryers as people may be attracted by the brand of dyson. Market–> One of the market leaders expensive but top of the range, may be seen as a premium product, carriers the dyson brand name which means it is highly thought of, however there are lots of cheaper alternatives availiable.

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