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Poetry will be examined in Essay #4. Write an explication and detailed analysis of a poem of your choice (from the textbook).  A sample explication is found on pages 1114-1121 of your textbook while a sample analysis is found on pages 1122- 1130.  In the textbook on pages 1139-1141, topic suggestions are made for this assignment.  If you need assistance in determining a topic, please contact me.  As you write the essay, please adhere to the following directions and requirements:Presentation:  10% Paper meets the minimum length requirement of 1000 words.  Paper includes proper heading and format.  See example in ANNOUNCEMENTS.Sources with Documentation 25%:  One primary source and at least three secondary sources are required to be included and to be properly documented in Essay #4.  Use correct MLA format for internal documentation and works cited page.Explication 15%: Provide required elements of your explication following the sample on pages 1114 -1121.Grammar and Mechanics 25%: Paper should contain no sentence fragments or other basic grammatical errors such as missing apostrophes in possessives, subject-verb disagreement, lack of parallelism, and misused words.  Student should carefully edit and proofread essay for typographical errors, missing words, and other easily detectable mistakes.Content 25 %:  Essay should offer a well-documented, thorough analysis and explication. Carefully address the writing prompt while adhering to its requirements.I NEED THE EMAIL, SO THAT I CAN SEND YOU THE CLEAR PICTURE FROM 1114-1141.NO PLAGIARIZE! PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE INFORMATION ABOVE! PAY ATTENTION TO MLA FORMAT.

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