[ANSWER] BUS 319 Principles of Federal Acquisition Week 5 Discussion 1

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“Managing Contract Risk and Total Ownership Costs” Please respond to the following:Per the text, Adams states that contractual risk assessment expands upon traditional Critical Path Methods (CPM) by developing realistic estimates of anticipated risks in the completion of a contract. From the e-Activity, analyze the overall manner in which the company used the risk assessment method and / or risk assessment matrix to meet their contract objective(s). Provide a rationale for your response.Imagine that you own a small catering company. Your company is applying for a contract to cater a state congressional luncheon. Determine the three (3) most significant cost factors that you should take into account as the contractor. Provide a rationale for your response. stion. Provide a rationale to support your response. Week 5 E-Activity: Using the Internet or the Strayer Libraary, research one (1) industrial or commercial services company that has used risk assessment methods and/or risk assessment matrixes in the process of obtaining a government contract. Be prepared to discuss.

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