[ANSWER] Analyze the impact of security breaches


Analyze the impact of security breaches


1. Each team has to select a particular security breach that happened in the recent past. You need to search the Internet to find a security breach that you can analyze. Once a team selects a particular security breach to work on, other teams cannot select the same.

2. Analyze the selected security breach. Here are some key questions you need to think about and address in your assignment.

a. What caused the breach? Could it have been avoided?

b. What are the consequences of the security breach? That is, how did it affect the various stakeholders?

i. Stakeholders include shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, etc.

ii. [Retrieve the stock price of the company for a month before and a month (or less if it a recent breach that happened within the last month) after. Plot this data in an appropriate chart. What is this chart suggesting?

c. In your opinion, how did the organization respond to this breach?

i. What did the organization do and should have done (but did not do) after the breach?

General Instructions

Provide your analysis in a Word document along with the chart that you created and submit it through the assignments section in blackboard

Be sure to name the file with first and last names of all teammates. Failure to follow this will result in a grade of ZERO

Cite all your sources. Provide full citations (you can use any citation format).

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