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(TCO C) Presented below is pension information related to Amazing Goods, Inc. for the year 2013.    Service cost  $115,000    Interest on projected benefit obligation  $60,000   Interest on vested benefits  $32,000   Amortization of prior service cost due to increase in benefits  $17,000   Expected return on plan assets  $60,000   The amount of pension expense to be reported for 2013 is (TCO F) Amazing Glory, Inc. recognized a net income of $206,300
including $32,000 in depreciation expense.  Additional changes from the balance sheet are as follows.    Accounts Receivable  $2,500  decrease    Prepaid Expenses  $14,000  decrease    Inventory  $7,000  increase    Accrued Liabilities  $9,000  decrease    Accounts Payable  $21,600  increase  Compute the net cash from operating activities based on the above information

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