[ANSWER] 1.  Briefly explain the leg

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1.  Briefly explain the legacy,
generally speaking, left by the seven past female candidates outlined in the
2.   Why do you think a higher percentage
of men than women have responded that they think the country is ready for a
female president?
3.   Mandel argues that it is unlikely
that the entire American population will ever be comfortable, at first, with
the notion of a female president, no matter when it eventually happens. Why
might this be? What do you think needs to happen first in order for the
American public to move from a state of widespread willingness to readiness?
4.   Why are there not more women in
position to be major contenders in upcoming presidential elections? What
combination of qualities does Hillary Rodham Clinton possess, according to
Mandel, that make her uniquely qualified at this moment in time?
5.   Mandel argues that female candidates
have more legitimacy as potential candidates if they are “outsiders” at first,
but that in order to gain credibility as serious contenders they eventually
become “insiders”. Explain why this double bind exists, and why it could be a
major detriment to a woman’s candidacy. Give an example of when this dilemma
may arise.
  Describe the two paradigms of
feminism that Heifetz illustrates. Explain how the opposing viewpoints
contribute to women’s lack of trust in men.
2.  What are the three social terms that
Heifetz suggests to better define the distinction between leadership and
authority? Why are these distinctions important?
3.  What is
meant by adaptive leadership? Explain how this term is derived from science.
4.  Explain how one can have leadership
without authority, and describe the significance Heifetz attaches to this in
the chapter.
5.  Describe what Heifetz sees as the
consequences for men as the paradigm of gender and leadership unfolds. What key
points about men do women often overlook in this dichotomy? 

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